Owners: Simon Lynch and Quincey Fennelly

Wicklow Wolf produces premium-quality craft beer. Innovation is at the centre of a brand that has created beers unique in Ireland and in various export markets.

Ask Simon and Quincey how Food Works helped their business, and they both say the same thing: “Food Works challenged us over and over again to ensure that our business plan was robust and fit for purpose before we set out on starting a business and looking to attract funding.”

They are also full of praise for their dedicated mentor and say having access to representatives of three government agencies was crucial.

Simon says: “Through Teagasc, we got access to some of the leading hop producers and cultivators in the country. Bord Bia provides ongoing support for the brand in terms of focus groups and brand experts.” Bord Bia has also helped Wicklow Wolf with its export plan, Quincey chips in.

He goes on to explain that Enterprise Ireland provided them with a very experienced team who had sectoral knowledge of the drinks industry. “They put us through a robust process for investment, which challenged our assumptions and business plan. Enterprise Ireland helped us immensely in equipping us with the tools necessary for successfully pitching our business to potential investors,” he says.

Both owners say their standout moment was when they were introduced to their branding designer. “This was a pivotal moment in the development of the brand,” they agree. They also remember when they presented their business plan at the end of on the programme. “That was a standout moment for us, too, as it mapped out the direction we were going to take,” says Simon.

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