Founded: 2014

Product: High protein beef biltong
Stript Snacks offers a range of high protein beef biltong made with 100% prime Irish beef, making it high protein, lower in fat and deliciously tender. Unlike alternative beef jerky and steak snack which hold a shelf-life of 1 year or more, the shelf-life of Stript Snacks is 5 months as they do not add any sugar or chemical preservatives.
Ross McDowell, founder of Stript Snacks, joined Food Works in 2013 having had no previous experience in the food industry but a great idea for a scalable product which satisfied a genuine market need.

He said, “Food Works provided me with a well-rounded insight into all aspects of setting up as a start up in the food industry. Everything from the technical requirements for the product, to brand positioning, to financial forecasting was covered. I have also found that it has provided the business with a certain level of credibility due to having qualified for and completed the course.”

Stript Snacks has engaged with a range of high performance sporting stars from multiple disciplines including athletics, canoeing, cricket, cycling, golf, hockey and rugby to become advocates for the brand.

Chris Stirling, triathlete and international mountain runner said “As an athlete I understand the importance of good nutrition, timing and how crucial this is to my recovery and performance. As the saying goes “you can’t out train a bad diet”. Finding a handy source of lean protein, free from artificial preservatives, gluten free and that tastes great is not an easy task. Stript Irish biltong ticks all these boxes and it is made from 100% Irish beef too, perfect!”
Paddy Holohan, professional UFC fighter said “I found beef jerky when I lived in Canada, it was so handy to eat on the go and it was great for snacking on before training. When I got back to Ireland I couldn’t find a brand that tasted as nice and that was as low in sugar until I found Stript Snacks. It gave me a huge boost when I was cutting weight before fights. I could eat Stript biltong snacks without cheating. I’ll take all the help I can get when I’m trying to be the “biggest smallest man on the planet!”
Stript Snacks recently secured a listing in Tesco and is exporting to the UK and France. The range is also on sale in Ireland through the BWG group which includes Spar, Musgraves NI & South, Musgraves Wholesale, Hendersons and is available to purchase online at The company is based in Dublin and currently employs two people.

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