About the Programme


Since the Food Works Programme was established, we have worked with more than 90 food entrepreneurs to help their food businesses scale and export.  The Food Works Programme costs €3,000. With all of the expert advice, branding, mentoring, research and guidance, the programme has a market value of over €50,000.

Participants are eligible to apply for an Enterprise Ireland feasibility grant up to the value of €35,000. We advise that you set aside 2 days per month over a 10-month period with additional time allocated to developing your Investor Ready Business Plan.

How the Programme can benefit you

Expert & Industry LED Workshops

Food Works workshops are run by leading experts in the food and drink industry using successful Irish food and drink case studies. These workshops are designed to help you build a robust investor-ready business plan.

One-to-One Business Advisor Sessions

Based on your company’s individual needs and requirements, you will receive customised one-to-one Business Adviser sessions to help you fine-tune your business.

Consumer and Market Research

On the Programme, you are assigned a dedicated research and consumer specialist, who will help you to complete groundwork to understand your business, target consumer markets and assess the size of the opportunity. Research, potentially including focus groups and quantitative surveys is used to generate deep consumer insight to help refine your brand and offering.

Retailer Engagement

Leading Irish retailers will deliver workshops and presentations to help give you a deeper understanding of the retail environment. An informal market forum set-up will facilitate engagement with people across the retail group.

Gain International Insight

Gain deeper knowledge and awareness of new market trends, competitor activity, innovative branding/packaging and market opportunities abroad.

Industry & Investor Networking

You are plugged into an established community of food and drink entrepreneurs. There are also many opportunities to network and engage with industry peers and experts.

Access to Production & Technical Expertise

You have access to expert advice from production and technical experts to help you get your product to market in the most efficient and effective manner.

Feasibility Grant Funding

On the Programme, you are eligible for feasibility funding of up to €35,000 through Enterprise Ireland.