Founded: 2013


Product: Premium single origin chocolate

Bean and Goose is a premium brand, producing chocolate bars and seasonal products using the finest single origin chocolate. Bean and Goose make their chocolate at Last Tree Farm based in the Wexford countryside and use natural ingredients incorporating the fruits, herbs and edible flowers that grow in their gardens and can be foraged locally.

Founded by sisters Karen and Natalie Keane in 2013, Bean and Goose began their business in Dublin food markets and quickly realised as a result of customer feedback that they had a business with real growth potential. They joined Food Works in 2014 in order to assist them in scaling their business for the export market.

Speaking about the impact of the programme on their business, Karen Keane said “Food Works encouraged us to think bigger about the potential of Bean and Goose and has given us the tools we need to achieve scale. The programme provides a wonderful opportunity to examine your business, to find its place in the market and to identify your customers. You build relationships with people who can give you the tools you need to grow and develop. We would thoroughly recommend the programme to anyone with a viable idea for a food business.”

The company currently employs five people in its facility in Wexford, is exporting to the UK and the range is available in independent stores across Ireland and Northern Ireland. They have just launched an online store and will begin exporting to the French market and to UK market on a larger scale in 2017.

Karen added, “We have grown from the early days of Karen and Natalie making chocolate together. Bean and Goose is now a team of makers who are spreading the story of our chocolate and growing the brand. We are passionate about the products that we create and are committed to bringing our customers the very best in Irish chocolate”.

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