How to Apply

How to Apply

Visit the website

to learn more
about the FoodWorks Programme.

Register your interest to

connect with the FoodWorks Team

The FoodWorks team is available
to meet with potential new
applicants in Dublin.
2019 Meeting Dates include:

    • 21st May
    • 25th June
    • 24th September
    • 22nd October
    • 26th November
    • Further dates may be made available
      subject to demand

If accepted to the

programme you are invited to
a formal application
which will enable
the Food Works team
to complete a formal
application which
will enable the
FoodWorks team to
create a bespoke
package for you.

Why Join Food Works?

Expert And Industry Led Workshops icon

Expert & Industry Led Workshops

You’ll get to attend a series of workshops designed to help build a robust investor-ready business plan. Workshops are run by leading experts in the food industry. Topics are supported with industry case studies from successful food entrepreneurs.

1 To 1 business Adviser Sessions icon

One-to-One Business Advisor Sessions

A customised business adviser support package will be planned, based on the individual needs and requirements of each company.

Consumer And Market Research icon

Consumer and Market Research

A dedicated research and consumer specialist supports each business. They will help you to complete groundwork to understand your business, target consumer markets and assess the size of the opportunity. Qualitative research, through focus groups, is used to generate deep consumer insight to help refine your brand and offering.

Retailer Engagement icon

Retailer Engagement

You will get a deeper understanding of the retail environment at workshops and presentations given by leading Irish retailers. An informal market forum set-up will facilitate engagement with people across the retail group.

Overseas Market Study Trip icon

Overseas Market Study Trip

Participants will get to go on an international market study visit where they will gain deeper knowledge and awareness of new market trends, competitor activity, innovative branding/packaging and market opportunities.

Industry & Investor Networking icon

Industry & Investor Networking

The programme offers many networking opportunities with industry and in particular the ever-growing Food Works Alumni, a network of leading Irish food and drink entrepreneurs.

Access To Production & Technical Expertise icon

Access to Production & Technical Expertise

Expert advice is close at hand to help you get your product to market in the most efficient and effective manner.

Feasibility Grant Funding icon

Feasibility Grant Funding

Companies are eligible for feasibility funding of up to €15,000 through Enterprise Ireland.